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In All Things, He is My Everything! — 10 Comments

  1. Sandi, our feet are planted and stand upon a firm and secure foundation; He is the Rock of our salvation, but we walk continuously in His steps because He is always on the move and working for Father’s glory and pleasure! The journey continues…! All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

    • I so agree Brian, our feet must be planted on His sure foundation. Thank you so much for stopping to give your heart testimony of the truth of your journey. To God be the Glory. Many blessings, Sandi

  2. Thank you Sandi for allowing us to see through the keyhole of your prayer closet.
    It is the display of leadership showing us what you have found in the vastness that is all things GOD! Thank you for the transparency and your open heart of communion with our Lord that is defined in oneness with HIM.
    I endeavor to increase in all things Jesus and decrease in all things self!
    May GOD grant all that I need to get there!
    Thank you for your example Sandi!

    • Dear Marc, What a heartwarming reply. It is my goal to be transparent so that others can see JESUS. He is all there is…we must commune with Him. Early on, I had a Pastor that wrote a song, “Commune with me” and He displayed it so well…i FELL IN LOVE with Jesus all over again, and yes, it was in Singapore. I so love Asia. He will certainly grant your desire, my friend. You are so welcome. I have not forgotten and I am working on a time when we can meet. Will touch base soon. God’s richest blessings to you and yours, Sandi

  3. What a wonderful praise report…made me cry!  Yes, no matter what happens, He is certainly worthy to be praised anyway!  How wonderful to know he’s always near and we can place everything and everyone we love in His hands and trust Him always with our lives. Praise you Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

    • Thanks so very much, Sheila Turney, He is so worthy to be praised. I could go on and on., W(hen I was ready to go answer my call (finally), HE had a better idea for me to take care of my Nana who had pretty much raised me)and she had just been badly beaten, raped and roped at 87. When she died almost 5 years later, I had NO money, nothing but HE said NOW and sent me to Hawaii to do missions training and off to 6 nations that year and HE supplied the support, the money, the connection when he sent me to serve him with a ministry that didn’t know I was coming. Just felt to share if you had not heard that part of my testimony. HE IS MY EVERYTHING. Love and blessings to you..Sandi P.S. He is no respecter of persons. He has got you!!

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