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In the Tempest There’s a Temptation to Row Really Hard — 9 Comments

  1. Heidi, I am so glad I read your article today. It is a true word that spoke to me much! I loved:
    “I AM providing the perfect storm to teach My People how to abide and learn to rest in the midst of chaos.”
    Yes the Great I AM that I Am is doing just that. 
    Blessings sis, you may not remember me? Good to read your post. God bless you, hugs Joyce ❤️

  2. Heidi –

    Yours is now the 4th word I’ve read on this HKP site today, (Tuesday) that parallels, confirms, what I believe the Lord is saying to us. [I just wrote Chris Bennett similarly].

    It’s as if King Jesus is brooding over us – His sheep, saying don’t worry little flock, tho tough times are here, I got this. Come under my wings. That’s what I’m hearing in all these posts today.

    • Amen. He’s saying to focus on Him and let Him lead. We can’t worry about the storm. We’re in the shelter of the Most High!

  3. Lol – one of Bob Jones’s words was this decade will be the decade of rest and keep hearing that from different sources and even in my small town in Alberta Canada just last Wednesday night. And the disruption the enemy wants to cause in our churches is the same word Chris Bennett just had on this site!
    Father I pray for Your grace for all of us that we not fall into the trap of offence and that we keep our love on….  Grace and peace be multiplied to us.
    I ask in the all powerful name of Jesus and thank you

  4. Beautiful peace-filled words sister!  I so agree with this word; in His presence is the peace of a new day upon us :)

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