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  1. I am that clay in God’s hand that HE is shaping, pruning & remolding through intense fire & trails to make me who HE wants me to be so as to be fit for HIS USE. No escape route now only WAITING for the processs to end & i see A NEW ME! Thank you Lord for the Grace!  I say AMEN to all your prayers Dear God’s vessel. God bless you

  2. Good beautiful day Syreeta:)
    Thank you for the encouragement you’ve shared, the world I in desperate need of this right now.
    Just yesterday I was talking with a beautiful lady about your third msg almost exactly.
    It’s easy to do do do for the Lord, but waiting can be especially difficult.
    I’ve been walking through the shadows for so long now, but if I should decide to just run on ahead all would be for not. The Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Wisdom requires us to follow, not lead. It’s their guidance we desperately need in this hour. But so many have responded emotionally instead of waiting patiently.
    Such Wisdom youve shared.
    Thank you Syreeta, bless your beautiful heart.

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