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  1. WOW Cherish, thank you for sharing! I too believe those who haven’t been walking with the LORD are about start!!  Watching September during the day of Atonement. I keep praying for souls and revival! Sending hugs and blessings over your house dear sister! -Angela

  2. Good beautiful Day Angela. I love your post. I understand and can relate to it all. Thank you for sharing, I’ve been extremely blessed.
    I also had a Red Cross dream, but it was on the side of an ambulance type of vehicle I was standing beside while helping many out of the ditch of the devastation that had hit our Nation. One woman in particular was wearing Armani and Prada, but her shirt was untucked her makeup was smeared, a heel was missing on one shoe, her purse strap was broken and her perfectly bleach streaked hair was a mess. She was frantic and screaming for help, so I offered to pray for her, she gasped and looked around and screamed “What’s wrong with you, are you crazy?!!! Look at this mess!!!  I simply responded with absolute and complete peace, “He’s all I’ve got to give, take it or leave it.”
    I believe we’ll see this very soon.
    Gid bless you beautiful lady. :)

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