Incredible Boosters


When rockets take off they have powerful booster rockets attached to catapult them into the heavens.

I felt the Lord was saying: “I’m about to bring close to you associations and alignments that will act as catalysts to catapult you into your destinies for many of you could not get off the ground alone because you’ve been weighed down by burdens, and you need boosters that will encourage you and that will produce effective synergystic power that will cause a great explosion of My glory.

I’m bringing together apostles and prophets who like in Elijah’s time have been hidden in caves of the wilderness in training, and now will be brought out and empowered for all to see.  They are my high priced treasures in darkness who will shine like diamonds displaying many aspects of My character and glory to the world.

Healing streams are flowing [ impression of running waters of a crystal clear river ] and those devastated by the enemy will be washed in Holy Spirit power and refreshed to shine like stars in the heavens and will teach many the truths they’ve learned in the many battles they’ve endured.”

Then I saw ampules of liquid, like I’ve used in hospitals for administering medicine, being broken over some people and some were being injected with the liquid in them with shots, filled with the liquid, and they were afterwards smiling and rejoicing and leaping for JOY had overcome them.  The ampules were broken and administered by those in the body who have NOT fallen to mammon and control, but who also know the value of the cross and a crucified life.

You could see the love in their faces as they felt so privileged to love on these wounded warriors and release them from their pain and weakened bodies and souls from years of battle.  Many had great scars from the battles, and had become hopeless at times and ashamed.  Some felt that way not realizing this was the process of death to self in the way God had led them through, so they would not take the glory for themselves.  They were made trustworthy through the suffering much like prophets of old, like Moses and others, and like the early apostles of old.

Liquid LOVE was broken over them to extinguish all the enemy’s forces and to empower them for the work God had planned ahead for them.  Now they have a bit more training in walking in it and God would carry them away to their spheres of destiny !

of Upstream Ministries,
California on 6th March 2013




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