Intercession: The Forgotten Sacrifice


Something happened today that has moved me deeply.

It’s something I saw on Facebook.  This post is not about politics, nor is any debate welcomed here.

Someone posted a video of a young man walking into a store, and demanding that the woman there open the register.  She actually refused, walked out with another customer, and locked the door behind her.

This young man suddenly realized he was in deep trouble.  He did everything he could to break out.  He put back what he had stolen and began to beg them to let him out.

He pleaded.  He called on God.  He knew he was going to jail.  He begged.  I for one, have gotten very tired of seeing this kind of thing happening all over our country.

It’s become too much; really.  But suddenly, something saddened me about this incident.

I’ve wondered lately, what’s behind this rash of young people who don’t care if they’re seen on camera.

They don’t want to work and many even make their living robbing people.

I can’t understand it; throwing their lives away, liberties destroyed.  Something stirred in me.

What is making them do this.  We are wrestling with these individuals, full of anger and rightfully so.  We all have our two cents to throw in.  That’s all we have.

Look around.  There are some forces loosed in our world, that are beyond what many of us have ever seen or heard of.

Such atrocities, that our mind won’t wrap around it.  Such unspeakable evil and peril.

There are those, who are so wealthy, so powerful and so much in control.  They no longer care if we know it; they know full well there’s nothing we can do.  They feed on other people; devouring the poor, secretly.

But God has been watching this country.  We well know now what is meant about money being the root of all evil.

We can close our eyes to the greed in this day if we want.  We can turn a blind eye to how this has slipped in and taken a big hold on what we now call church, if we wish.

We can be in denial about being deceived by those we trusted, in all places of authority.  All places.  The mark is upon us.  We’re unmoved.

God has given us another chance; perhaps the last one.  We will we overrun and trampled under; more of our freedoms taken.

Jesus Christ said watch; we haven’t.  Stay alert, be ever so vigilant.

The Apostles warned of living in the flesh, and judging truth by our own selves; listening to many false teachers.

Being truly spiritual, is becoming passe’ and we have forgotten the one thing that can counteract all of this.

It’s not flesh and blood behind all of what we see.  Those who feel that they are so high and in such control, are just mere pawns.

There are certain spirits that have increased so rapidly and forcefully; they laugh as we slowly stumble along.

We were taught about these powers; rulers of this darkness.

We know what to do; we know how to halt their wicked tramping.

We can no longer sit by haughty.

Only the Spirit, can win now.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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Intercession: The Forgotten Sacrifice — 1 Comment

  1. Your post is excellent. Enjoyed the read. Just a question-isn’t the “love of money” the root of all evil, and not “money being the root of all evil?” I am asking with great respect, not to be critical.