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Ireland — North and South — Washing Each Others Feet! — 7 Comments

  1. This is the new good news and a prophecy to pray into God bless you and your continued encouragement.  Praying your prophecy comes to pass quickly.

    • Thank you so much for this divine word of God! I will share the news! God bless you always And Forever in the . mighty name of Jesus!!!!

  2. I’m so happy to hear about these wonderful and amazing Promises and Revelations He’s given to Your Land. I pray much for the UK!!
    I also labor for the US and whoever else He leads me to. It’s such a labor intense time that to hear the Beautiful Words He gives as a result makes me giddy inside!! Because He Who Promised, is so Faithful!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika!!

  3. This is something only You can do, Father. Please enlarge the capacity of Your people, to carry greater measures, levels and deeper manifestations of Your Glory & Power. Please examine us and correct everything in us that may be hindering Your work in this.
    In Your name, Lord Jesus, we pray.

  4. These bones are the WHOLE House of Israel – the 12 Tribes scattered abroad.
    Yes! Come from the 4 winds and breathe upon these slain!
    Note: 32 speaks of Covenant.
    There was a breach in this 32 – 26/6.
    Hallelujah for the healing of this breach – even as when the breach between Zara and Pharez , sons of Judah, was healed in this land – this Fireland!

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