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Ireland: Receive The Oil of Restoration for Divine Reformation! — 3 Comments

  1. Sandra, God knows your heart, revival is coming but it’s in his timing love not ours. God loves all his children but things have got to work in his order, and Ireland are his and he has to heal his children here as well as the UK, just be patient, if God starts a job he sees it through to completion.

  2. First Veronika, I do respect you & your prophecies have been spot on for the U.K.
    But there is a battle for the souls of Britain’s ppl that goes deeper than Brexit. 
    Franklin Graham has been denied 3 times now a stadium in England to bring his Evangelical gospel message to England..

    The LGBTQs are preventing him from coming – & yes, I do know it’s an attack of Satan.  But England & the British Ppl (this includes all those of the British inlands), are besotted .. in love with, false teaching on many issues, sexual perversion being just one.  The whole Church of England is seeped in False, dead, teaching.  The monarchy is part of the problem too! Centuries of dead scripture & sexual abuse has left the royals as “pagans”.

    Please ask the Lord for revival for England , for the Ppl are dead in false doctrine that needs to change.

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