Is it “My Will” or “Thy Will” being done?

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A Hard Reset is coming!

For some, The Lord is going to do a ‘hard reset‘ in life.

I’m reminded of a cell phone or computer where you have to remove the power source, and perform a hard reset to drain any remaining power.  There will be some of you and some you’ve been praying for, coming to the end of themselves; depleted, drained of energy, of resources, and of self.

This ‘hard reset‘ is to completely drain you/ them of self, so that He can re calibrate your/ their life, change the trajectory, and position you/ them to receive His best.

If your sick and tired of being sick and tired, this hard reset is for you.  It’s not His punishment but rather His love in emptying you of you so He can begin the infilling of Himself and His will.  Everything you’re ever going to want or need will only be found in Him, stop looking to the world to meet those desires; the answer is not out there, it’s in Him and in His plan.

Spiritual and soul Alignment

Its not a ‘timing’ thing as much as it is an ‘aligning’ thing.  There are many under the deception of ‘time,’ which we know is man made, and we know God sits outside of time.  He is not threatened, nor is He limited by it.

The Lord showed me painful areas in the lives of some because of ill-alignment.  When you go to the Chiropractor for an adjustment and alignment, there is a release of pain and greater flow of circulation.  Just as it is in life, begin to pray for divine alignment in your life, that you, your spouse, family, all those called into your life, would come into alignment with His will.

Pray for Spiritual alignment and Soul alignment (Lord, show me and those parts of my life, where our minds, will, and emotions are off).  There are some who need to be brought into your life and some connections that need to removed, (‘excess’ – we’ll call them bone spurs), but alignment precedes a greater flow of the anointing and increases the momentum built up in prayer life in the release of answered prayers.

I’m reminded that some things may be so out of line (stubbornness, pride, resistance), in us and those called to us, that just like in Chiropractic care, there may need to be some tools and gadgets used, different techniques, a greater intensity in pressure, and consistent visits (visitations), to deal with those harder misalignments.

Pray for aligning; that is the under current to timing, especially in dealing with other human wills.

Is it “My Will” or “Thy Will” being done?

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall,”   Proverbs 16:18.

There is a fine line between, “My will” and “Thy will.”

The closer one walks with the Lord, the thicker that line becomes and more evident when we cross it.

Pride is a killer of life, of destiny, of purpose, of marriage, of families, of careers, of business, of ministry, of health, and even of finance.  In Isaiah 14, Satan said, filled with pride, “I will, I will…” only to have pride go before his destruction and his haughtiness before his fall…

In Scripture, it says in the last days many will fall away…  Its because of someone’s  “I will.”

Perhaps the “I will” opens the door to great deception like it did back in the Garden of Eden, because every time I see pride…  every time I see “I will”…  I see a “fall“‘.

Lord, break us of our own wills, so that we may live a God destined life, fulfilling Your purpose in the earth and not our own.

We want Your “Kingdom Come,” but without “Thy Will be Done,” and it doesn’t work that way.

We don’t want to miss out on Your best for us God, so we say, “Thy Will” be done in our lives, in our marriages, in our families, in everything we put our hands to and everything that concerns us.

Whatever it takes Lord, deliver us from a Spirit of Pride and break us of self-will.


~ Jennifer Mars

Jennifer MarsJennifer Mars is a Minister from Syracuse, NY and is a Co-Founder of Zion International Ministries.


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