Isolationist Policy


I do not have any isolationist policy.  I saw that it was not good for man to be alone.  So I created a helpmate.  It is not good for any man to walk alone.

I sent out My disciples two by two.  I have wanted to restore community and a sense of family within My church, that they would practice true love and “true religion”.  I said that you cannot hate your brother and love God.

This is incompatible.  If you love ME, then you obey Me.  If you have no love for your brother, then how can you say you LOVE ME?  How can you do the greater thing of loving your enemies?  I said, if you only love those who love you, then how is that better than the Pharisees?

I realize that a lot of the time in these times, your brother surely has been your enemy, though it should not be so in My church!  The conditions of My church are similar to the days in which My Son walked the earth!

Men are haughty and full of greed and desire for selfish gain.  There is an arrogance that rots the core of the foundation of My church.  I AM coming to establish a new foundation.  I am still the Cornerstone, but the foundation upon which I intended to build My church, will be reestablished, that the Truth of My LOVE and kindness will permeate every room of My House!

I will not allow injustice without consequences.  The soul that deliberately hates and destroys, maligns and rejects those whom I HAVE CHOSEN will reap the consequences for their actions.  Though I may forgive them, I will not allow rebellion to go unchecked.  This is a time of truth or consequences.

I did not come into the world to judge the world, but to SAVE them.  So I AM also asking you to NOT JUDGE whomever is already condemned, or your own brothers and sisters, but rather to bring LIFE where there is death and destruction!  I have called you to be My ambassadors.

Do not be ambassadors in chains.  Do not do anything by constraint!  Anything you do should be done out of LOVE.  If you lack the LOVE, then you are not spending enough time in MY PRESENCE.

For I AM LOVE, and the Source of all you need!  Everything you need, may be found in ME!  I AM the Alpha and Omega!  Nothing is too difficult for Me!  So come to Me with anything you have need of.  My heart will give you REST.  My heart will give you power to overcome all that constrains you!  There is no LACK in Me!

How long will you wander in the desert?  Won’t you come to the place of transformation?  Won’t you come and be calmed and stilled by the running water, that flows from My throne of GRACE?  Let me wash you!  Let me love on you!

Let me put the finishing touches on your life!  LET ME heal the deepest recesses of your heart and mind and soul!  Please don’t resist My love, Beloveds.  Push past the fear of intimacy!  Push past all the distractions and pulls on your soul.  LET THE KING OF GLORY COME IN!

Who is the King of Glory?  THE LORD STRONG AND MIGHTY!  I AM the King of Glory.  And My glory will permeate your soul!  My glory will sanctify your being.  My glory will heal your body!  My glory will convict you of your sins and wash them from you!  My glory will radiate from you like a FIRE so that others may come to the brightness of My glory!

But YOU must make the choice to come!  Just come, My beloveds REST, lay down with ME and LET ME touch you and heal your soul!  LET ME empower you for all that is to come.

There are so many concerned with DOING rather than BEING, and WHO they are!  If you are My ambassadors, then you must look and talk and walk like ME!  How can you radiate My glory to others, if you don’t receive it?

Intimacy with ME, is the HIGHEST purpose of your life. SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you!  I AM the First and the LAST; the Beginning and the END.  IT IS IN ME, that you find your life.  It is in ME, that you find all that you need!

Ask and it shall be given you!  Come while there is time My beloveds!  For surely GREAT shaking is coming.  You must be hidden in ME to survive the shaking that is coming!  Come into the shelter of My wings!


~ Priscilla

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  1. And immediately Paul departed into the wilderness….
    According to scripture God does use isolation dependent upon the call.