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Israel: When They Say Peace and Safety — 1 Comment

  1. The same is often said about the creation of the nation Israel;
    that it is only a ‘political’ creation without the hand of God involved.

    The threats about death and violence which the enemies of Israel now loudly announce is, as I read someone describe it:
    “It is like if Grizzly bears would threaten to eat more salmon”

    The blood moons at the feast days (Pesach and Tabernacles) two years in a row after Israel became a nation,
    and again directly after Jerusalem was recaptured
    and again in 2014 and 2014,twelve blood moons together,
    12 as the tribes,
    12 as the disciples,
    12 as the full hours of the clock…

    declares without any doubt that the creation Israel and its capital city Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the jews and that this God’s sign (sign=Zion) to the whole world.

    “Jehovah saith unto me, `Thou hast well seen: for I am watching over My word to do it. Jeremiah 1:(12)

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