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It Appears We Are at the Very End! (Part 2) — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Joyce –

    Shalom. I meant to reply to this earlier,(your Feb.14 dream about “Turkey”). It was about 7 years ago or so that I too had dreams about Turkey, and its leader, Recep Erdogan.

    The Lord spoke to me in the dream and said some things [which I knew I was not to release at that time].  In the coming days, as many endtime scenarios & players fall into the apocalyptic chessboard- it will become clearer.

    By the way – Turkey is such a turnkey in biblical prophesy. Abraham – came out of the Ur of the Chaldees (Turkey), the churches in Revelation, the Apostles missionary journeys, and more, it is biblically pivotal. No wonder the antichrist spirit has aligned such anti-semitic, anti-Christ vitriol against Judaism and Christianity.

    From the Armenian genocide of over 100 years ago, to the Hitler-Turkey ties of 75 years ago, to the Turkey-Hamas line up of last 20 years, and the brutal savagery against the Turkish Kurds (many Kurdish believers were killed), you may have dreamed about Turkey b/c they are a key player in the prophetic endtime nations lineup. Let’s pray for salvation (dreams of Jesus) to come to Turkey. Blessings

    • Thank you Elizabeth for all the additional history you shared. Some I didn’t know. Absolutely I believe Turkey is a key player in these end times..
      As I spoke I have been shown more by the spirit of the Lord on ‘China’ over the years.
      Some have a lot of Revelation on Russia in end times etc.
      We can put all our parts together as they line up with the Bible.
      Just part of this Word I received and shared, near the end of Part 2, maybe is key also what the Lord is showing us:

      “The Armies are marching and will wax worse and worse. Drink from My Cup and you will survive.”

      The Lord is exposing but giving us great Hope to draw closer and drink from His cup only.
      So many are partaking of a ‘mixture’. No time to play anymore. He wants His children living and walking in divine peace even in all the turmoil of these last days.
      Again I thank everyone who has commented on this thread.God bless you.

  2. Timing is everything
    The 3rd temple has not yet been build, but is planned. The red heifers are not yet old enough..
    The Gog Magog war has not yet happened and the inner nations and the Islamic proxies do not seem to be part of the Gog/ Magog war. It is the other outer nations led by a nation of the far north.
    I believe that our God of righteousness and justice is hearing the cries of His people as in Exodus. We wait on God.

    • Thank you all for your replies. I pray the Lord keep us all searching and being steadfast with Him till the very end!

  3. Oh Joyce, you covered it all! I love that old song and the other old one that says Fill my cup, Lord I lift it up Lord. Memories of the older outpouring. We are so blessed to continue to drink of His blessings. What a time to be alive! Love you, Sandi

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