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It Is Our Choice — but Yes — Their Choice Also — 10 Comments

  1. So true Mama Joyce. It has never been easy before now correcting either a family, other families or Church members & its even harder these days because of too many man made information which some are even dangerous. Corrections either at Church or outside Church circles is a very delicate issue that must be handled with utmost carefulness. Therefore, as Christians we must discern carefully with the help of the Holy spirit; correct with love, humility & not in anger/name calling least we err on the side of cautions (commit sins thereby sinking both the person to be corrected & ourselves). Our God is a loving Father who rebukes & chastises us when necessary & how it pleases Him to do so. 
    Remember Moses? Despite Moses’s meekness, he missed the promised land because he was trying to correct the Israelites in bitterness, used hard words out of anger & that singular error pushed into temptation that he missed God’s command (Numbers 20:6-13). Both Moses & almost all the rebellious Israelites never got to the promised land as they all died & God raised a new generation which HE had wanted doing earlier but Moses continued to plead with God. The Alpha & Omega already knew the old Israelites were rebels but Moses was using human sympathy until he got himself messed up! A very sad end & a big lesson for Christians of today there! May God help us all never to stand in God’s way in Jesus name.

    • Thank you Adams for your well thought out words. We need the fear and reverence of God in us. God is surely not a respector of persons. Moses is an inspiration to us all and a great hero of the faith. Still he only got to look, but did not enter the promise land.
      Look at the mercy of God, although.. In the N.T. on the mount of transfiguration Moses got to be there along with Elijah. That will preach. God bless you

      • Absolutely true! God is a Merciful Father; so Rich in Mercy but hates the slightest disobedience of His children towards Him. None of us is immune to temptations but we must thank God for His MERCIES ARE NEW EVERYDAY & CHRISTIANS MUST RENEW DAILY. Moses being our hero was granted a second Chance by God’s Mercy as you pointed out. BUT Mama, have you ever thought that most Christians have been granted second Chance by God’s Mercy to get things right with God on earth but don’t realize it & seen to be wasting the Grace/opportunity? Holy spirit help us not to waste God’s MERCY & Grace available for us. Thanks a lot Mama

        • Joyce & Adams,
          For surely the WISDOM of GOD is pouring out of BOTH OF YOU LIKE A FOUNT OF BLESSINGS from OUR FATHER WHO LOVES US to ALL WHO NEED IT!!!

          GOD BLESS YOU BOTH FOR the ENCOURAGEMENT, & UNDERSTANDING you bring to the body of Christ!

          Blessings! Bev

          • Thank you so much Mama Joyce for your kind heart & concerns for individuals like me & the body of Christ. May God reward you.

          • Thank you and blessings Bev.
            Your articles are alsays a blessing to me. I love you sister.
            God is stirring us up in these end times truly to speak as the oracles of God.

            • Joyce, I love & appreciate you as well!

              God is definitely stirring more than us up!  He’s gonna come in like gangbusters. Watch Him & see! Ha!

              God bless you! Bev

        • Always Adams it is a delight to see yours and everyone’s comments and replies.
          Sometimes I miss them although.
          That is not my intention. I appreciate each one of you.
          You and so many more add so much to this site as you reach out to us.
          God bless. Let us pray for one another.

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