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  1. Sandi,
    AWESOME ON TIME WORD!!! GOD is gathering His Chosen Ones for this hour to represent Him in His GLORY! Definitely Worshiping in Spirit & in Truth will be a BIG part of it. God Bless you for listening & transcribing! BLESSINGS! Bev

    • Thanks so very much Bev for your affirming and confirming reply!! God bless you as you continue to stay on the wall. xoxo Sandi

  2. Dear Christopher, I so appreciate you sharing about your video and adding such powerful insight concerning the lateness of the hour and the reversal on the horizon. Yes, indeed, Donald Trump’s reinstatement is right at the door. I look forward to checking out your channel and learning more from the video. God Bless You. Sandi Holman

  3. Dear Sandi

    Greetings my friend. The Word you just posted confirmed so much of what I’m hearing also. It’s clear to me God is aligning a global remnant company of overcomes [from every tribe & nation]. He is setting the Joshua’s & Caleb’s in position – to lead the march back to holiness, righteousness & Redemption. It’s Coming! He is leading the Redemption Revolution – and no hells gates will stop it.
    The Glory train has left the station. I hear the whistle.
    No one can stop the Lord God Almighty. You Reign O Lord.

    • Amazing response, my friend, Elizabeth. I love double confirmations. YES REDEMPTION REVOLUTION indeed! I hear the train a coming. HIS IS ALMIGHTY! Love and blessings, Sandi

  4. For over a decade I have been seeing the number 11:11 frequently. I have always interpreted it as approaching the 11th hour of the 11th hour.  Recently I have been see 11:11 a lot more again.
    Lord make your remnant Bride ready for what you are about to bring forth!

    • Great to hear from you Robert E..the number 11 in numerology can also symbolize a spiritual awakening and the spiritual significance it says is a call to awaken and align with your soul’s purpose. You are on the path of spiritual growth. I found that very interesting when I kept seeing that number in a dream. May we all heed the call to put things in order for the hour is late. Many blessings my friend. Sandi

  5. Oh my goodness!! Praise God, praise God, praise God, Hallelujah!!
    Sandi this is such incredible encouragement!! The warfare has been Through The Roof…..LITERALLY!! The persecution has been relentless!!
    I’ve even waiting!! Hallelujah!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Sandi!!

    • Thanks Cherish for your input of encouragement. It has indeed been WARFARE galore!! Absolutely but the tables are turning! God bless you dear one. Sandi

  6. Victory time! Wonderful word, Sandi. How I loved, “Worship, true heart Worship shall flow out of clean hearts who are hungry for a mighty move of God and thirsty for The Holy Spirit to move in holiness and truth.”
    Yes and Amen. Love you sis and friend!

    • Absolutely true, Our victory is assured, Joyce. Thank you for your insight and input. Agreement is so good, my friend. You are loved! Sandi

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