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It is The Glory of God to Conceal and Reveal — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you, Sandi, we get shell shocked, with the constant bombardment of news. People like you, and H.K.P. help us stay grounded, and moving forward. Happy New Year to you. God bless.

    • Thanks John, that is refreshing for me. I have to work hard as well to keep my focus only on Hearing the Lord and not allowing the chaos to distract me. We so appreciate you being a part of the HKP family. Where are you located? Moving forward, my your new year be your best ever full of hope and renewed strength for the journey as you receive God’s blessings and directions for 2024. Sandi Holman

  2. Beautiful word, Sandi! How I love, “Now that I have your full attention, I AM inviting My Chosen Ones to come into The Secret Place and feast at My Table.” Let’s feast in the manna from above. Love you my friend ❤️

    • Dear Joyce My sister I seriously believe HE has our full attention and we are holding on for the Glory Train. Thank you so much. And oh what a feast He has prepared for us! xoxo Sandi

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