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It Is the Time of The Third Day Resurrection — 2 Comments

  1. I feel it Deborah…..we are entering into a period that will be short but glorious like never before ….the world and its people will be amazed in the workings of God…the powers of darkness will be at a standstill as the great harvest is ushered in….we will not be working alone but with the dead in Christ …the angelic host and the Lord himself…together we will become the Army of God as in Joel…..forget what seems so dark in the world right now and look up and rejoice for the true picture is we are going home after a short time of the harvest….there is no darkness up the road for us…only pure light and glory….I cant wait Im so excited

  2. Amen! This word speaks do the depths of what HE is saying in this now.  For a few months I have been led to specifically pray these words, “breathe on these dry bones”. There are some things going on in my life right now, where I have felt speechless from assault weariness and so in times like these if all I can muster to cry out is “Jesus” and “breathe life on these dry bones”, then I am believing that He will hear my agreement with Heaven. Thank you Deborah for always delivering purity in your words.

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