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It Is the Time of The Third Day Resurrection — 5 Comments

  1. What a wonderful confirmation of His Word.  I have lost five members of my family within the first six months of this year.  My husband died December 29th, 2021, my brother the beginning of June, my sister 2 weeks later, my cousin one week later and my sister’s father in law two weeks later.  It has been amazing how the Lord has orquestrated the preparation to bring my family to eternity with Him.  He is so real and so powerful.  I have been very weak from the attacks of the enemy because I have been witnessing to friends and relatives of the greatness of the Lord Jesus mercy.  Also the pain the grief has added to all this.  Last night as I went to sleep I was very, very tired and I said to the Lord I need your strenght to make it through all this.  at 2:30 a.m. this morning I heard Him say that He is pouring out His resurrection Spirit and healing all over me.  I felt the strenght this morning when I woke up and I am praising Him all day long for this miracle.  This is awesome and I encourage all of His saints to trust in Him for He is never late. God bless you for your obedience and I hope this will reach all the people out there.  Many blessings to you all.

  2. Oh I LOVE this Word!!
    Years ago He encouraged me with the promise of Joel 2, but I believe it’s for all who’ll give their Yes and Thank You” in this Hour.
    I was just talking to Him about all those who are worshipping in the captive prison yards of “lust of flesh” which was definitely a poison I was drinking from (in the past), and I saw a picture of a dead corpse, bloated and rotting. This is the end reward of worshipping the flesh. But Spirit and Truth Worship is the Center-out out infusion of HIS Beauty!! The display of HIS splendor. I thought, WOW Lord, that’s where every single body of flesh has gone, and immediately the Lord reminded me of Enoch, and then Elijah. They didn’t see death. They worshipped so wholeheartedly in Spirit and Truth that their whole being was filled with Light and Life!!
    I’ve ditched it all Deborah!! I want ALL that my Rewarder is to fill me full, and overflow HIS Beauty through me.  What a beautiful thought…I do believe I’ll keep thinking it!! :D
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  3. Ah.. the And time Revival or last day move of God is so exciting!
    God is raising His true Remnant up and all those old bones will ‘shake, rattle and roll, surely!
    Thank you for sharing Deborah. God bless you, Joyce

  4. I feel it Deborah…..we are entering into a period that will be short but glorious like never before ….the world and its people will be amazed in the workings of God…the powers of darkness will be at a standstill as the great harvest is ushered in….we will not be working alone but with the dead in Christ …the angelic host and the Lord himself…together we will become the Army of God as in Joel…..forget what seems so dark in the world right now and look up and rejoice for the true picture is we are going home after a short time of the harvest….there is no darkness up the road for us…only pure light and glory….I cant wait Im so excited

  5. Amen! This word speaks do the depths of what HE is saying in this now.  For a few months I have been led to specifically pray these words, “breathe on these dry bones”. There are some things going on in my life right now, where I have felt speechless from assault weariness and so in times like these if all I can muster to cry out is “Jesus” and “breathe life on these dry bones”, then I am believing that He will hear my agreement with Heaven. Thank you Deborah for always delivering purity in your words.

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