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It is Wind Up and Wind Down Time! — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks alot for the confirmation. I had the Lord say that 2024 to 2027 we are going to experience change. To cut the long story short two days ago He whispered to me the word transition. On reading your articles, I see all this being confirmed. Thanks alot and may God continuous bless you for your obedience.

    • Thank you Christine for your input of confirmation. I appreciate your feedback and so glad the Lord has confirmed to you. I receive your kind blessing. It is my desire to listen and obey. God bless you, Sandi Holman

  2. I appreciate your wonderful affirmation to me. It was actually a compilation of so many things that I had written. Some brand new, some older but I heard the Lord it is another picture of how many pieces are coming together as the puzzle shall be presented to the world “SOLVED”.. You ae indeed my special friend that was given by the Lord. Blessings abundant as you continue to the end. xoxo Sandi

  3. Sandi, this may just be one of the richest words yet I have read of any writer, posted anywhere.
    Those I mean who truly writing for the Kingdom of God with ‘true ears’ on, and without mixture or compromise.
    Thank you so much for Father’s heart here! I am overwhelmed of His goodness to His children. I love you my special friend. ❤️

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