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  1. Although the Bible makes clear that there will great deception in the end times, and I agree that people have also been deceived into taking these dangerous jabs, the Bible also makes plain in Revelation 14:9-12 that an angel warns the church in a “loud voice” not to take the mark of the beast. I do not think we have yet heard this clear warning, so I do not believe this jab is the actual mark of the beast. Taking the mark of the beast also involves an act of allegiance to the beast and not the acceptance of a medical intervention that has naively been assumed to be a traditional vaccine.  People are not even aware of the present existence of a beast, let alone being able to express allegiance to it. 

    Telling Christians who have received the jab that they are now beyond redemption is a terrible thing to say, because it could put them under a great sense of despair, the worst despair imaginable for a Christian.  Instead, we should praying for miracles and for interventions to reverse the medical effects of the jab.

    • Eccl.3:18 says that “man is the beast”.

      The “mark” of the beast in the forehead is the same as the result of the” decisons you make, because decisions are made in the human frontal lobe.

      There are two kind of “marks in the forehead” mentioned in Scriptures, the mark of the beast/human mind and thinking, and “the sign of the Lord which represent the mind that through decisions made in agreement with God’s Will have developed the “mind of Christ”. Your “hand” will as well perform different deeds depending on what kind of decisions you have made.

      In other words, the mark of the beast is something each and every human has until he/she through godly decisions and continually obedience get the renewed mind which instead has the sign of the Lord om its forehead/frontal lobe.

      • @ Maria This is Interesting, as in the early 2000’s as I drew closer to the Lord, HE showed me a vision. In the Vision I was standing by my mantle in my house. I had a stamp of ‘777’ put on my forehead! As I wrote my first book, “I Call My People To Come Up Higher” the Lord gave a Prophetic Word of why. 777 stamp is the fullness. No 7 is God’s number. If we sale out to our Lord we won’t take the mark of the beast. His fullness be upon us always! God bless you.

      • The fact that it will be impossible to buy and sell without the mark of the beast indicates that it will be something either observable or detectable to others either by plain sight or by a technology.  As such, it is something more than the inward spiritual condition of one’s heart, but an outward sign to others that one has chosen to worship the beast.  While it is possible to receive grace for repentance for the spiritual condition of one’s heart, this will not be possible once one has received the mark of the beast.

  2. In one of your posts you say that the Lord told you that if someone takes the vaccine tbey are no longer human and therefore not able to be saved . I was recently at an evangelists tent meeting in Abbotsford BC and he prayed for two double vaccinated people who were having difficult symptoms from the covid vaccine . They were apparently healed . This evangelist says he has never seen anything like the trouble caused by the vaccinations , but he prays all the time for the healing of these people , who apparently are mostly Christians , and gets good results . This doesn’t look like Jesus has cast them off as non humans .

    • I’m, more or less,surrounded by people who have taken the “jabs”, and because of a heavy burden om my heart they are in my prayers. Saying that they are condemned (by God) because they have been deceived to take the poison is to be in agreement with the spirit of death/spirit of Haman/spirit of depopulation and can not be from the Lord.

      Every spirit (word/thought) that refuses to give hope to people is of the enemy.

  3. I agree in the possibility humanity that “aliens” can be a part of deception. On the other hand, you cannot be deceived by any “visible or outward circumstances no matter how “godly” they seems, IF you have a clear understanding that the Lord is not and will not be a visible but an invisible inwardly experience inside of you.

    That is why He warns by saying that you shall NOT follow those who says “see, here He is,or see there He is”.

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