It will take more Tribulation


There are times, when many who are the called, will be asked to speak of things they honestly wished they did not have to do.  If we are going to connect with people today, we are going to have to be real; be as honest as we can and as down to earth as possible.  Trying to speak in some kind of elevated or high-sounding manner or with words that are too sweet to digest, will not bring about the word that is so needed.  Saying it with grace and humility, does not make it less powerful.

There is apathy.  And lethargy.  We still have it, too good.  Most of us on here, are not hungry, very poor, penniless, homeless or real destitute.  As long as our cars run, there’s plenty of gas, we can pay the utilities and we can eat, more than we ever could or should, we’re not bothered too much about making any kind of changes.  Most, will continue on, pretty much like they have been; a little bit moved, occasionally stirred, drop a tear here and there; but, their ways, likely won’t change very much.  They’ll feel a bit troubled over conditions in the world, but will soon forget. It isn’t here.  Yet.

Some of us, have been through much tribulation, to get to where we are in our minds and spirits today.  Often times, suffering becomes a daily dose; and at times, it seems it won’t let up.  We’ve learned a lot; in fact, some of us have learned more things in the last couple or few years, than we may have in all of the years before; or it sure seems like it sometimes.  We have shared our trials, our hopes, our dreams, our callings, our ministries and our burdens, right here.  The testimonies of what the Spirit is doing or about to do, have rung from every corner of the country, and all over the globe.

We who wanted to receive it, got it;  and we still do; every moment, and each and every day.  But, most have not.  How do we know?  They continue with the same attitude, same form of speech, living in the same denial and usually, have nothing to contribute or say.

They are in what I might call, the “leave us alone mode.”  It hurts some of us.  Because, there has already been a lot of shaking in the land; just as it was prophesied.  Many, do not even know why or how it happened; they see no hand of God in it.  There will be more shaking in the days ahead; and I, weep over that; I wail over it.

When you have gone through your own shake up; seeing other people get their feet knocked out from under them, is no fun.  God has been preparing many of us for this hour;  we must rise up to do what we were called to do.  But I have to speak what I feel.  Many are not going to listen; just like they did not listen to those who were before us.  We have to proclaim, whatever the Spirit says; no matter what.

But know this.  Most, are not going to hear.  Think about it; many of us didn’t listen, until we had no other choice.  Not until the entire bottom fell out from under us; and we learned how to fully depend on Him.  Do not be discouraged.

The Spirit that came to awaken us, will also awaken others who want to hear; but, after more tribulation.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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