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  1. Brother, I thought the same today: So many encouragements, but still so many sufferings worldwide. A female neighbour sat in the garden with aches of recent shoulder surgery. I went to her just in this hour to ask how she is doing. And though I have physical aches and other struggles as well, I comforted her. You must know: She trusts in some own signs, i.e. breaking clay pots after problems and leaves them there until full moon, and other dubious things. I confessed, that in all my current needs, having done everything as best as I could, I now have to WAIT and to TRUST, and that it is uncertain how to financially make it through the next month(s). She asked if I am Jewish, for the songs she heard out of my apartment. I shared the Gospel and told about private needs and quoted Holy Scriptures. She listened and nodded. Why I share this: Yes, we have to tell about our hope in JESUS CHRIST, with wisdom and boldness.

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