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It’s All The Blood, The Blood, The Blood, The Blood! — 6 Comments

  1. The blood also as you said before goes against getting the vaccine shot. Although I saw on a recent post by someone else stating that it was ok to get the shot bc Gid works through the shot how strange. Mixed messages on here are dangerous for people seeking Christ fully

    • Until GOD finally removes Satan from the scene, there will continue to be counterfeits. Sadly some of them do make it on this site. You might notice that the recent post you spoke of was removed when the moderators of the site realized what it was about. Discernment especially in this late hour is very important and GOD gives it as needed.

    • I replied that the moderators had removed the post your were referring to, sadly I see it has been reposted. Discernment is essential in this hour.

  2. Father God thank You for the provision,
    Lord Jesus thank You for willingly sharing Your precious BLOOD to redeem me(us),
    Holy Spirit thank You for raising Jesus from death and for being My(our) Custodian.

    To GOD be the honor, JESUS the glory and HOLY SPIRIT adoration for ever !!!

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