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  1. David, tears are streaming down my face right now. It is one day to my birthday. Ten months since Satan plundered my life and took God’s promises hostage. Eighteen years since God made those promises in the first place. A seventeen year wait that finally saw the manifestation of my heart – and my Father’s heart – desires. Now all in ruins. Eighteen years later it seems absurd to continue believing. A bleak birthday awaits. But…then your words appeared on my screen this morning and God’s heart slowly came into focus. He doesn’t give plunder as a birthday gift does He. So I receive these words and cling to it with my whole being, and watch for the promise to come. For my Dad to bestow good gifts on me. Thank you thank you thank you for hearing Him speak so that I too can hear His heart. I will come back with a joyful report! God bless you a hundred times over!

    • With all my heart.. thank you for sharing. I am standing with you. Do not give up. He loves you more than any of my words can convey… but I try. This was His heart, penned as best as possible.

      Thank you.. looking forward to hearing from you and all His blessing and love for your birthday. SO glad you were born.

      Your brother,


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