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“It’s Not Over, Until I Say It’s Over!” — 8 Comments

  1. This is a great Word for us to continue to stand strong.This totally fits with what President Trump is doing behind the scenes. He is about to play his Trump Card and expose the darkness of the deep state.It’s going to be Biblical! If anyone wants more intel from the top,go to the x 22 report .com. You will be blessed!

  2. Thank YOU Lord That You are Bringing a DIVINE CHANGE That is SO NEEDED For SUCH A TIME as THIS!  You have Purpose in ALL That YOU Do & ALL That YOU ALLOW! You are a God of JUSTICE- So We will continue to TRUST YOU, Because YOU YOU Make NO Mistakes & YOU Do ALL Things WELL!☝

  3. Such wonderful words from the mouth of GOD~~ Continuity will show forth He finishes what HE starts HIS WAY lest we forget HE’S ALL KNOWING, HIS TIMING IS PERFECT AND EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE JUST LIKE DOMINOES, Bless you for you obedient heart to carry HIS heart.

  4. Amen. Just yesterday I was telling the Lord I was pulling up my bootstraps. I continue on in faith. Judgment is coming. God is not mocked.

  5. People are quick to grieve when a promise doesn’t come in their timing. Oh LORD, help us to keep our eyes upward and our focus fixed on You. 
    Thank you for your encouragement and reminders that God has the last say.

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