It’s Not Your Message!


I was out back on the patio some days ago, and I was feeling a great deal of anxiety and some fear, over something I had posted here.  It’s true that some people, don’t bother me anymore.  I’ve accepted that they are the way they are, and they probably won’t change much, if any.  You learn to just get over, some people.  Yes, you love them and pray for them, but you love Jesus Christ more.  He’s been much closer.

The fruit of the Spirit, is not just a talking point.  The truth is, it’s the kind of fruit that tells others, if you are really what you say you are.  It shows very well, what our priorities really are.  Anyway, I sometimes am led to speak about certain things I’m not so comfortable about;  just like many others here.  You stir up a hornets nest, and there’s a good chance you are going to get stung.  Just thinking about it, makes you want to take off running.  I did not feel comfortable with the message; I wanted to erase it; almost did.

Just then, I said out loud; I can’t take this pressure.  I’m just going back to the computer and delete this message.  As I started to arise, a voice spoke very strongly and said; “IT’S NOT YOUR MESSAGE!”

Needless to say, I sat back down.  You see, when we are truly seeking to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, we cannot say anything we want to say.  We don’t go off in any direction we want to go; we don’t choose the topic, and, we do not come across anyway we want to come across.  We pray, study and make our notes; however, if He decides to go another way, we turn, and follow.

How do we know that some of these sermons and presentations, are not of the Holy Ghost?  Because, in this hour we are in today, with trouble truly on every side, with all the signs coming to pass that Christ spoke of, and more to come, the message, does not match the times we are in today.

The Holy Ghost is not interested in an entertainment program or any thing that rocks God’s people to sleep.  Neither is the Spirit interested in a lot of harsh type of rhetoric or any kind of minister ranting or railing and operating too much in self.  If it’s the Holy Ghost, it will also have balance and depth; and fruit.

Let’s say one more time; many people in this hour, are really going to be deceived.  See, we’ve been led to believe, that the apostles were talking about the world, and they weren’t.

Here goes:  A lot of people here on Facebook need to repent; they are saying all kind of harsh things, about all kinds of people.  And justifying it.  If we can say anything we want to, then it’s not of the Holy Ghost; and it certainly will not be edifying to the body of Christ.

Let them preach “their” message if they want to; but you know what, it sounds like their message.  Whether it’s too salty, or too sweet.  If we let the Holy Ghost lead, all we have to do is follow.  It came from Him, or it only came from us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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  1. Mr. Robert, with all due respect sir, it sounds like you’re offended by the feedback you are receiving from your facebook posts. May God show you mercy (non judgement) as you boldly proclaim His Word.
    Matt 5:7. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
    Humbly ….gary