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It’s Shifting Time! — 3 Comments

  1. You are a refreshing breeze touching many struggling saints. Satan knows his enemy and is releasing hordes of demonic spirits upon us. Your timely words from our Lord gives us strength to resist and to defeat the spirits he sends that are familiar with our weaknesses. Thank you! I was becoming weary from the fight, then I read you message and my enemies scattered with the power His encouraging words you gave me. Keep up the good work. You are being used mightily!

  2. Alright! Rhema Word again! Every word is true.  I felt like this.. it’s like my life was stolen from me..

    But one thing i know and care about is to do what He desires of me. Period! Nothing else matters! I just to serve and know my Father’s Heart. (Nameless! Faceless! And selfless!!)

  3. Praise God! Glory to the Highest, the Lord Jesus!️I know I’ve felt like this for quite some time, yet still trusting God for an overall divine and miraculous breakthrough in the Spirit and manifested within the earthly realm. I am honest, desiring all of Jesus in these last and evil days, not fame or the spotlight, just to spread the name of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout my travels in the world.

    Thank you, for sharing, so much appreciated! I thank God, for using you as a willing, humble vessel to share this post. God bless you!️

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