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It’s Time for the Harvest — The Bride and the Bridegroom Onboard! — 3 Comments

  1. “The field was harvested by a group of people women and men. They were religiously harvesting the field, each row by row. But then there comes the Remnant Bride, Ruth. She was gleaning only the remaining — the leftovers. The Remnant Bride — The Remnant Church — will witness the Leftovers to be a Spillover. Naomi witnessed the abundance through Ruth. There was Prudence in Abundance!”

    Pastor Solomon, thank you for your inspiring message from God. This is so amazing and inspiring that it made me overwhelmed by the richness of wisdom and knowledge coming from God. I see more faith and Hope for His end-time History. I will hold my calling as a harvester more firmly without doubt. Thank God that I am able to drink from one of deep wells of living water hidden in India by God. It is so cool. Praise the Lord. I will pray for His beautiful India.

  2. Shalom Rev. Solomon:

    The Lord confirms His Word. A few hours ago in Church, during worship, The Lord gave me this portion from the book of Ruth. As Ruth obeyed Naomi (wisdom), and as she gleaned, in the fields [white unto harvest]; the remnant churches harvest assignment in this hour is to glean. Boaz (a type of Christ), saw her, took care of her, married her, and her son was in the messianic line. What a prototype for the endtime Church. Blessings Sister.

  3. Si,vieni presto Signore Gesù! Non dimenticarti della tua promessa!

    [ HKP : “Yes, come quickly, Lord Jesus! Don’t forget your promise!” ]

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