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  1. Absolutely. This is true.this the jab is killing many, and they dont want people to know that.this will lead to the mark of the beast.

  2. I am glad that Travis is speaking out against the jabs.  My question is why are so very few others are?  Reading the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, it is clear that while there may be many “prophets”, the true ones are almost lone voices. 

    Christians are being deceived about the jabs.  Yet, they are making it easier for themselves to be deceived, if they are really lovers of the the world rather than lovers of God.  For then they will follow the voice of public opinion, based on the lies of Satan, rather than to seek and to obey the voice of God.

  3. The govt is making it as difficult as possible to know the truth about the jab, with the help of social media. I live in rural NC and to this day, no alternative treatments are being offered (HCQ and Ivermectin) that I know of. Plus, if you are hospitalized, Remdesivir is the protocol, which almost assures a bad outcome. Our hope is in Jesus, but we need to keep our immune system beefed up. Taking one of the 2 meds that work prophylactically is also a good idea if you are 65 or over. Other prophets have heard God say he will heal those that were vaccinated and are His children. I believe that. God is absolutely good!

  4. ZATAN started to fall in the latest weeks.
    Intercede with Humble HIGH ASKING PRAYERS, the rest its in ♥♥♥HIS HANDS, TRUSTING HIM FULLY; AMÉN…!♥♥♥ SELAH will come to us..!

  5. “It is not what goes into the body that defiles a man.. but what comes out of the man.”  The we are told, “we shall eat and drink a deadly thing but it shall not harm us.”  We are immune to the pollutants of the world.  And, The Lord requires we obey our Governments.  The Word of God is not partial.  There is a higher way of doing things.

  6. I totally agree with your article.  People are driven by fear and what the government tells them to do.  Many Christians are being sucked into this vaccine and pandemic too! The Lord is our protection!  By his blood we will prevail.

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