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Jealousy and Covetousness is as Cruel as the Grave! — 3 Comments

  1. I’m not have never been a jealous person ALWAYS always excited for those inherited (worked hard) 4gold and silver. Though have experience jealousy, intimidation from those I once called friends. Bitter, resentful does stall God’s blessings ,if u are a believer. It isn’t the time (n these cold cruel days) 2b desirable, jealous against another (any one). My goodness…foolishly stop being the devil’s puppet☝☝☝

  2. What a much needed word this is; for all of us in the body of Christ!  Lord, help us to look always to You in gratefulness and thanksgiving; loving You and one another as we are supposed to do!  :) Thank you for sharing this sister.

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