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Jesus: 100% God and 100% Man — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you brother Angus for this awesome and divinely inspired article. I Consent to what you wrote that Jesus Christ was 100% God, and HE was also 100% Man/God-in-the-flesh. Shalom for you!

  2. Really blessed reading your post Brother Angus!

    Only if all our preachers across the world could fully understand (and would thereafter much easily draw the world nearer to faith) the fact that the extreme pain, suffering and humiliation Jesus went through at the cross too was as 100% Man (and not as God or Son of God) since the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit, the Comforter) had forsaken Him that time due to our sins He had taken upon Himself, and neither did Jesus seek Heavenly assistance while He was facing all the torture, pain and humiliation.

    What Jesus had suffered physically and mentally at the cross was as 100% Man. – If this fact is properly preached it shall bring compassion and repentance in many more unsaved souls.

    And moreover the complete details of the physical torture and humiliation Jesus was subjected to aren’t mentioned in the Bible as it is too horrifying :(

  3. Thank You dear Brother. For me, what touches my heart most about the person of Jesus is being He was fully God, and is divine, powerful, source of light, almighty, creator of the universe, speaks and makes it so according to his Will, awesome in every respect and came to us as a man, a servant, in servant dress, a country boy. He was approachable and wise, gentle, but radiated royalty and commanded the demons to set us free.

    This awesome God came down from heaven, a beautiful, remarkable place, to the wilderness to die on our behalf. It touches my soul to the extent he shared himself with us. And he spoke to all that came to him not on arrogance but compassion and love. He was firm where necessary but always walked as royalty, and his light and glory was evident to many. He is Our God and Savior! It is an honor that I belong to Him and he is my Lord.

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