Jesus Wept


“Jesus wept.”  Read that again, and think about it, just think about it!  In the company of the grieving, His gut response is deep sympathy.  He weeps because we weep.  When we are depressed, there’s a lump in His throat, and when we are most needy,  He’s there with eyes brimming with love and kindness!

He is so ready to be our comfort and our peace!  He doesn’t give us a philosophical attempt at explaining how “all things work together”, and that “God always has a purpose”.  That’s for later when the pain has dulled.  For now, he just weeps because we weep.  And He would love for us to do the same, reaching out as His “extension” to others in need of comfort.

I can’t thank You enough, dear Jesus, for your tender heart and your kindness.

Help me to feel, just as You do, the pain of those around me.  Be a comfort to those whose lives I touch, because You are living in me.


~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

Mary Lindow imageMary Lindow has a passion for encouraging others in all generations and careers or vocations to live and express excellence through personal integrity, healthy accountability, and wise management of talents and skills. She is a sought after keynote inspirational and humorous speaker and teacher throughout the United States internationally in Ministers conferences, International Spiritual leaders Conferences, and in National and International training seminars for various organizations.

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