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Jezebel — The Spirit of the Church of Thyatira — 2 Comments

  1. Rev.2:20 A truth the Remnant will have to live with. Jezebel spirit often will attached to true prophetic voice/s as a way to legitimize their voice of compromise, in churches, Kingdom/ prophetic posts, podcast – A gender neutral spirit – Church it is one thing to engage culture for Christ, it’s quite another to engage for culture clout – Stop it! The thermostat is in you…set it!! But let’s go deeper and higher Rev. 17:18 we understand the ‘mystery’ of the woman – The Bible calls her that ‘great city’ – one that governs in the earth. Rev. 17:1 18
    Pray Church!!

    • …and thank you mighty man of God for bringing this Word to the Church! At times my comments ‘go in’ – Hope you don’t mind the “tag team” w/this word. Keep bringing it! Blessings, honor, and glory to our God!

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