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Joshua’s Call : A Prophetic Company of Shofar Warriors! — 9 Comments

  1. Here’s back the Lord had me so far all over my city. He first sent me to every church even if it was an apostate church like the Mormon church or JW and then he sent me all the schools to the school and then after that he had me go down every street in town. I had a house set up so that I could keep track of where I’ve been. When I blew the chair, I felt the power of God and his delight upon me.

  2. Thank you Veronica for yoyr faithful service, been following you since 2017. Your ministry has spurred me on to getting militant in my prayer life. I’ll pray and sow. Shalom!

  3. Sister Veronika,

    Standing, proclaiming, and contending for Yahs’ purpose for the beautiful land of Ireland. A united band of prophetic warriors, called to release the sound which matches the beat of our Father’s heart, and through its flow and frequency, destroys the works and thrones of the dark one…”May His will be done in heaven and in earth”

    All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

  4. I will most definitely pray for your “Joshua’s Call” in my prayer time.  This is so exciting!  Many Blessings from the United States.

  5. I’m so excited to see the Lord’s plans for Ireland unfolding. We’ve been praying in the United States Veronika!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  6. Woww we just wanted to let u know I’ve been feasting on your articles over the last couple months an sharing with friends an family these amazxzxzxzcing words I had an amazxzxzxzxing deliverance on 2,22 this past February from
    A lions den “”liars den”” in which when I was locked up fo 90 days the holy spirit gave me Daniel 6 on a 30 day fast
    Which was fulfilled on 2,22 feb 2o24
    On Feb 21 u posted a dream
    U had about “”45″” in lions den then hank kunnerman on 21
    St Feb then on “”222″” I got delivered from lions den
    In “”barn-stable”” County in Massachusetts at the courthouse all charges dismissed
    Not a shred of evidence nothing Burger, zero ,was hell fo 2 years sweating bullets even fled under direction of lord
    Didn’t want go to a marxist prison fo 2 years under the “”lawful aweful lawless””
    I’m in awe of timing of your word an dream an God’s divine providence an deliverance bring on the 222 DANIEL 6 fo beloved Donald j trump H strongs #
    45-47 -4547- ISA 35 BLESSINGS
    It’s a done deal new era golden age,golden Mantle,
    Glory to God!!!!!!

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