Judgementalism — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting this!!!  I’m dealing with a hard heart towards someone and I sincerely can’t figure the way around this obstacle, but you’ve turned on the flashlight for direction!!!  HalleluYah!

  2. Cris, thank you for your insight on how we judge and all the while thinking it’s ok because they have so much sin.  But we all are sinners and fall short of His glory.  One more thing, thank you for replying to your posts that other people send you.  JRW

    • Julie, bless you and thank you for your encouragement. I don’t always respond but the Lord has been ‘encouraging’ me to do so recently. It’s such an honour when lovely people come back to me, encouraging me and praying for me and my wife and family.
      Thank you

  3. Bro. Chris ,

    Your forgivenessness prayer is so
    “screen-shot-able” -my new made up word, ha ha.  Going to take a picture of what you wrote in my verses to keep w/verses I keep on a file on my phone- as it’s so perfect for ‘forgiveness-on-the-run’. Thank you.

  4. Chris, the Lord has spoken to me so many seems like millions of times when what I thought was discernment was judgement. What a lovely prayer! Could I steal it just to meditate on it in case I miss anything. I think among prophetic people this is the most common trap the enemy brings. Thanks so much for sharing. I have written that forgiveness is a journey we take 1st as an act of our will regardless of feelings and we walk it out all the way to the cross until we can pray Jesus’ prayer, Father forgive them. This is a real keeper.We need a constant remainder to keep our heart in these last days of anger and hatred. God richly bless you, my brother, Sandi

    • Bless you Sandi. Your encouragement always lifts me. Please feel free to use whatever you need from any of my posts.
      Blessings always, Chris

  5. I have experience with a very similar prayer.  I prayed it every day until a vision of those who had wronged me was given.  They were shown to me like puppet, marionettes, on strings controlled by Satan.  Forgiveness washed through me.  It was truly over, as my bitterness was replaced by compassion.

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