Just One Dose of the Holy Ghost!

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The reason why I write is not to amuse or to encourage those who live a mediocre “Christian” life, there are enough voices in the world who are encouraging and blessing them.

I write for those who have sold themselves to Christ and who are on a journey following along that narrow road, so seldom traveled.

I write to encourage them, because I know from my own personal experience how much it has meant to me to find a voice, even if it were just one, who would encourage me and spur me on by voicing the same

Truth that was burning in my own heart, and who shared from their experience, what I was going through in my own personal life, that multitudes of proclaiming Christians around me seemed to have no knowledge or experience of.

Those voices, inspired by the Holy Spirit – whether coming as echoes from the past, from those having long since passed to be with The LORD, speaking as it were, as a cloud of witnesses, urging me on – or from those who were still present in this life – inspired a fire-storm within my heart, causing me to be refreshed along the way – not to look at others around me, not to lose focus, never to compromise, and to always keep God’s Fire musing in my heart.

It is a sure fact that the road becomes narrower, friends become fewer, and life on earth becomes harder – the further, deeper, and longer we travel into the heart of the Father.

Today, especially today, it has become a greater challenge than ever before.

All hell seem to be boiling over in this world, day by day becoming more anti-Christ and more wicked.  It seems that the world is no longer changing by the year, but by the week … even the hour …

Only God knows what the future will hold and for how long things will be prolonged.  The one thing I am certain of is that the road ahead will not become easier for those who will truly follow God without compromise and with a fully yielded and surrendered heart, and it is for them I write – hoping to inspire the same Flame of the Spirit, and to pass the same burning Torch along, that others before me have once faithfully carried, and left along their way for me to find also.

Just One Dose of the Holy Ghost!

Yes, and we did have some of those wondrous intoxicating times in the Spirit when we were “beside ourselves” and filled with “joy unspeakable and full of Glory” too.

God is marvelous in all His Ways.  The secret is to find the Authentic and to avoid the fake and fabricated at any and at all cost!

I believe that people need laughter in the Spirit as much as they need weeping in the Spirit.

God is not confined to our limited perceptions of Who He is and what He may do or not do.

He will keep breaking our molds over and over and do so gloriously!


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der HovenJohann van der Hoven is in South Africa.  He has been serving the Lord in ministry since 1991 and has hosted numerous apostolic revival meetings in South Africa and in South America.  He also currently pioneers a organic church planting movement across South Africa.  For more information about him and his ministry visit Fellowship of Believers or Revival.

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Just One Dose of the Holy Ghost! — 2 Comments

  1. Your word to those who have sold out for Him is so needed.  Thank you.  The road is indeed straight and narrow and the temptations to step aside even for a moment are very great. But His precious presence is always alongside.  Needing words of encouragement to hold on forever.