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Keep Your Boat Anchored — 5 Comments

  1. Wonderful word Stephen and it deeply resonates with my spirit.
    There have been in times past in my own life, when the Lord in deepest trials I was going through speak to me,
    “Just Breathe”
    Praise God for our life and breath. Very encouraging my brother.

  2. This is an amazing word! The Lord had been talking to me about this and now I can completely understand. Thank you for sharing

  3. Dear Brother Stephen,
    Your words and insight have touched me very deeply. There is much truth in what you say about our daily comings and goings in this world and in keeping our lives resting in Jesus and in the peace He offers us. Thank you so much for sharing your reflections.
    May you always dwell in the LORD’s Peace.

  4. What a great challenge! God had recently been telling me about breathing and hold oxygen is so necessary. And we are scared and nervous and upset we lack oxygen oxygen thanks

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