Kenya – Let Us Pray!

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As Bereans….

Too often our interpretation of a biblical text is skewed by tradition, by the authorities we listen to, by our own misunderstanding of a text, or because we did not apply ourselves to greater diligence of study.

In most cases, such errors in interpretation are made quite innocently and may as perceived, do not necessarily create a problem with the overall message of a lesson or sermon.

Nevertheless, a teacher or preacher or anyone who proclaims the gospel especially from a pulpit to a sanctuary filled with trusting listeners – must go the extra mile and give due diligence to getting the story right before proclaiming it as truth.

Of many sermons we preach, a good number come as either borrowed and patterned by another religious figure views.  When we study God’s word for ourselves and allow the spirit interpretation we cannot be swayed into errors.

As Bereans, we ought to check and balance what men teaches with the immutable word of God.

Where Do YOU Stand?

We have those who hear the Word only and then we those who hear and do the word.

But we have those who never heard, but they do what those who heard, have failed to do.

The mystery of the Kingdom is that the first may be the last and the last may be the first.

Where do you stand?

Kenya – Let Us Pray!

The Church should be very prophetic, to the degree that she is able to find the future prophetic will of God and pray in line to it.

If what happens is to happen because God has ordained it to happen to the sad fulfillment, let us be the first people to have seen it before it happens and even when it strikes let it find us praying.

One notable mark of a powerless Church is her inability to see in the spirit.

The correct prophetic position of the Church should be “Let us pray because such and such things are going to occur either to the advantage or to the disadvantage”.

The unfortunate need to be resisted before they strike.  It sad we are just reacting to many of these things that are already affecting our lives and nations.

God does not do anything unless He reveals to his servants.  That is the time you should take advantage and plead with God and seek His face in repentance, because that coming to Him alone, into the gap, can save A nation.

And you know I am talking about this great Nation on earth.  It is Kenya.

Applying The Word!

This is interesting to note.  It is however what I have discovered with good meaning Christians….

Most of them come to Church to hear the word they already know, but they still are there thinking they will discover something new.

You cannot grow through hearing!  You grow by the use of the word you have heard.

Those who really grow, are those who apply the word in real life.

Learn from Them!

Experience is good teacher, but it does not have to be your experience.

It is wise to learn from other people’s experiences and most importantly, learn from the experiences of Bible characters as you chew and devour the truth from God’s word that you may apply God’s perfect will for your life.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya is a Prophetic End-Time Minister of the Gospel, preaching in Crusades and open air Revival meetings. The LORD continues to show him the apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride, fit for the Wedding of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19:7-8.

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