Kingdom Awakening – Are You Ready?

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Kingdom Awakening – Are You Ready?

“There is an on-going re-positioning occurring now within the purposes and plans of God moving swiftly in an effective strategic manner.

This is not just walking in an overcoming anointing but to radically effects lives, shift atmospheres and bring proper alignment into a consistent flow of the Lord’s presence.

Advancement will come from those who will move forth radically without hesitation or asking for permission to ignite change in our regions (USA) close to us as well as beyond our borders.

It will arise from a progressive movement of those who will not lay back but will allow that rapid change that they are experiencing; to awaken others and shake off old religious complacency.

Entry and access into realms will open to those who are no longer dreaming about doing things but are actively looking to walk in what is upon them in this hour.

It is not a movement of reaction, but it is in step with what is taking place now in the moment of kingdom advancement. It is the hand of the Lord. . . it is truth that is transitioning and transforming the people.  This is all apart of a people being prepared.”

The time of testing has now yielded the fruits of labor in prayer and consecration unto the Lord God.  There will be mighty releases throughout these months. (June and July.)

New realms of Glory are being released in this hour will lead many through corridors of revelation and right in the midst, there will be an arising of a great salvation and deliverance within a people.

We will see a people no longer hindered by the past walking in liberty, awakening out of the slumber that has been heavily upon them.

Kingdom awakening will reach peak levels . . .  are you ready?”

The Pentecost Fire

“For I made you to be FIRE in the midst of great waters.  One that will blaze a new trail.

A fire that can not be put out because it is not activated by it’s surroundings but it is activated by my spirit, and it will temper and affect that which surrounds it, rather than be tempered by it’s environment.

For I AM upon you and within you.  Know your purpose, your identity and be…. I have made and created you to be as you are and don’t be afraid to walk in who you have become.

So burn. . .set ablaze…..set a watch. . .create and shift atmospheres.

I have called you to be unique, peculiar. . . . carry your own sound as you listen to the beat of the day. For I have set a plan before you . . . and in the coldness of the night . . . . you will provide heat for the waters.

It will carry a steam. a vapor, a mist . . . . even My breath.”


~ Phyllis Ford

Phyllis FordProphet Phyllis Ford of Phyllis Ford Ministries is called by God’s grace as a prophet to the nations; now in ministry for 27 years.  With yearly and monthly Words, she and husband Apostle Miles release the Word of the LORD via their website.  Her ministry emphasizes the Watchman call and duty in governance, as she teaches prophetic schools of ministry, intercession and deliverance workshops and tours worldwide, speaking into the lives of ministry leaders, encouraging prayer, and releasing regional strategies.
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