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Kingdom Babysitters — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this teaching.
    I am truly grateful for it.
    I hope to read soon about the 2nd Kingdom babysitter.
    I have been thinking about it for sometime now and wondering whether that could happen/happens today

  2. Good article. Hordes of teachers and childcare people from “kindergarden” up to apprenticeship masters are awaiting soon Judgment Day. And pedophil circles first. Where they often can be found – in responsible leadership – oh what will they cry if they don’t repent before the Day of the Lord.
    Parents who made mistakes, especially mothers, are the most accused, hated and mocked persons on earth. Revenge from all sides can be assured, for years, some for decades. This never ever was or is GOD’S will.
    I am grateful that my own son found back to clear mind and love and did no get lost in the sea of hypocrits.

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