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    • Dear Wong E Zin, thanks so much for your input and it is always good to hear an obedient confession to obey what the Lord is sharing for us to do. May the blessing of the Lord follow you and keep you in all your ways, Sandi Holman

  1. Thank you. There are times we must allow ourselves to freely rest and are instructed by our Lord to do so. If we’re to make (virtually) the most of every hour of every day, that would seem to include not stressing and straining, but sometimes resting and playing. Also doing what we see before our hands to do, without worrying as a perfectionist might, about how it may be done in a way that makes the absolute most of it. Correct?

    • Dear Arlen. I agree..so correct! He is perfecting ..we are obeying. He is aligning, we are agreeing. He is the master of our many opportunities to carry out His plan and we are the sons and daughters who choose to follow his order and allow Him to order our days for the best results. Thanks so much for sharing your heart. Sending many blessings to you! Sandi Holman

  2. Hi Sandi :)
    Thank you for sharing what He’s been speaking to you. Your such an encouragement!!
    I’ve been through this discipline process, it’s tough!! And then one morning upon awakening the Lord said “I will slay you no more.” I was immediately reminded of the Book of Isaiah where He says, “And many were those slain by the Lord”…..I always thought He was speaking of the wicked there and then realized He was. Every part of me intertwined with the “world system” has been through the Furnace of affliction. Not to say I’ve arrived, but the Season has most definitely changed. I’ve been slain, stripped, and threshed, and now the Peace of God is filling every part of me as I, in obedience, rest in the Lord. The striving through tough discipline is over and His healing is washing over the open wounds. He’s so so worth it!!
    God bless you dear beautiful lady!! :)

    • Thank you dear Cherish for that wonderful testimony of how the Lord has sripped you of self and mand your heart beat only with his. Just nothing like that experience and nothing compares to the end result when peace flows like a river and remains past understanding! Love and blessings to you, Sandi

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