Know your God; Know His ways

11 Short Words in 1


Some situations require God

A situation that requires super human wisdom, ability, and strength belongs to God in prayer.  If you continue to handle it in your strength, great problems will follow.  Why?  It wasn’t designed for you to solve alone.

You need the presence and power of God to help you in these matters especially when dealing with someone under the influence of devils.  You can either let their devils wear you out or you can cast them out in Jesus name.

Sow Seed for a Harvest

Whatever you sow is what you will reap. If you don’t put any seed in to whatever you are doing, you won’t have anything to reap.

Many are unhappy with life because they expect a yield from a seed they have never planted.  If you want something out of anything, you must put forth effort.

God works with seed in everything.  You can stand and look at something waiting for change or you can roll up your sleeves and work at what you want to evoke a change.  Seed multiplies after its kind and nothing multiplies after its kind too.

No Tit-for-Tat!

It doesn’t matter how awful a person mistreats you, you don’t get a free pass to return the favor.

When the Lord is growing you in certain areas of your life, you will encounter many situations where you will have to choose how to react.  Especially if you are believing the Lord for great things in your life, the tests of character will surely come.

Sometimes the mistreatment you receive from another is an opportunity for you to prove to the Lord that you have matured in the seat of your emotions.  Let folk act out, you maintain your integrity.

Trust in the Lord to vindicate you and rest your feelings at His feet.  Not only will He vindicate you but He will promote you just the same.  Why?  Because you have demonstrated that you can handle a little heat without turning into your old man.

An Excellent Spirit

A spirit of excellence will lead you into doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Having an excellent spirit is not about who is watching you as much as it is about knowing you have done the very best you could whether you are surrounded by witnesses or not.

Blessings and Rewards

I’ve been looking over the Lord’s house as a pastor for almost 11 years and He has never ceased to look well after mine.

When your priorities are set right, God will richly reward you for your diligence.  Blessings aren’t always monetary either.  God’s favor goes farther than a dollar bill.

Are You Refusing God’s Friendship?

Abraham was a friend of God and God blessed him tremendously.  Today, people want the blessings, but refuse God’s friendship.

God is not going to let you use Him.  He cannot be mocked.

Talk to The Lord

Talk to the Lord while you are out of your house.  There are places and people He is going to lead you to while you keep your mind stayed on Him.  Key people.  Key places.

The time’s in Laban’s House are over!

It was 20 years before God delivered Jacob from the house of Laban.  Laban represented a stronghold in Jacob’s life that held him, his family, and his wealth bound.  When God set Jacob free, not only did he walk away from Laban with everything God promised him, He also restored his relationship with Esau, his estranged brother who wanted to kill him.

I prophesy to somebody that you are coming out of the wicked house of Laban with everything God promised you.  You are coming out and your family and all that pertains to you will be loosed from the tightly gripped clutch of the enemy.

For the Lord will break the claws of Laban, peel back his wicked fingers and loose God’s elect.  Not only that, but when you come out of Laban’s house, relationships that Laban kept you from will be restored and redeemed.

Somebody need to shout that Laban’s reign of terror over your life is over!

Appreciate Kingdom Differences!

I went to a store yesterday to pick up supplies to complete a tee-shirt order and there were a group of Hispanic women shopping nearby.  They spoke among themselves and then decided against purchasing anything.  As they walked out of the store, a male clerk who was African American and who apparently knew them, said to them, “What?  I can’t believe y’all aint buying nothing today!  Get on out of here!  Vamanos!”

They laughed their heads off and I laughed too because I knew that he didn’t use the right word and it was hilarious!

I shared that to say this, we need to understand the difference in our cultures.  If we are culturally ignorant or culturally stubborn, we can destroy many relationships.

In my church, there are different cultures and sometimes I have found that when a certain phrase or statement is made, if you don’t know the person, an offense can take place.

For those of us sent to ‘nations’, we must learn to co-exist with other cultures.  We have to learn their mannerisms, their customs, and even their language.  When we are intolerant of one another, we limit the effectiveness of the purpose for them being in our lives.

As I reflected on yesterday, I marveled how the world can laugh at one another and still show friendship, but some of our ‘saved folk,’ have too stiff a collar, to look past anything.  Scrutinizing, analyzing, and criticizing all the while Kingdom assignments are left undone.

God’s got children from all walks of life.  Learn to appreciate the differences.

Know your God;  Know His ways

I was telling the saints over the weekend that when you reach a certain point of maturity, your responses change.

If you argue over every little thing that is said, those are tell tale signs that you still need to grow up past being offended, but when you can respond like Jesus, “Thou sayest”, you remove yourself from the conversation at hand and move on to what really matters.

Some things that come your way are not worthy of your time or your attention.  When the Lord wants to reveal a thing to you, He will meet you on the path as you move forward.  He won’t pull you backwards….

Know your God;  Know His ways;  Know His movements.

In the multitude of counsel there is safety.

In the multitude of counsel there is safety.  You can save yourself a lot of headache, pain, and grief by sharing certain words given to you with others whom you trust and know has God’s heart to have them pray over and give you their feedback.

Even though you may know for yourself what the Lord is saying or not, it still pays best to have another believer judge the word.  This saves you from presumption and from thinking you know it all.  

Have those words checked out in the Spirit and God will honor your humility by answering you in truth.


Delisa Lindsey Delisa Lindsey



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