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Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom and Revelation — 2 Comments

  1. Spot-on!

    God keep downloading to you , wow.

    Why would we have to SEEK Him if all is written.
    Those intimate, ‘walk with Me’ moments are jewels and customised.


    South Africa

  2. AMÉN..!, AMÉN…!, AMÉN….! with a total AFFIRMATIVE ” Y E S ” for the above PURE
    Message, containing REAL REALMS RENMANT WORDS from HEAVEN’S, with much more to see, absorb truth deep teaching’s. SELAH…!


    GN 1

    EPH 1 to 3

    JR 23 to 29

    1 CO 10 to 13

    RO 8

    PR 22

    1 JN 4

    2 PT 1

    1 PT 1

    2 TI 1 to 3

    2 CO 5 to 12

    DN 10

    IS 17


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