Law: A Word to His People


The LORD spoke to me as I was praying about His people and the election.

He said this,

“My people have become comfortable in their buildings and lazy when it comes to My Kingdom.  So many are frustrated and angry at the Government for laws being passed that violate My Word.  They think if laws are in place, sin will cease or at least decrease to some extent.

“My Word to My people:  If you were living right (yourselves first- taking the spec out of your own eye), and doing the work of My Son’s ministry of reconciliation;  it wouldn’t matter what laws were in place or not in place, because when man’s heart is changed, there’s no need for the law, both in My Word AND in the Land.”


~ Jennifer Mars

Jennifer MarsJennifer Mars is a Minister from Syracuse, NY and is a Co-Founder of Zion International Ministries.


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