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Leaders We Must Lead and Weary Prodigals Come on Back to Him — 16 Comments

  1. Mama Joyce, may God uphold you to fulfill His kingdom purpose in Jesus name. The spirit of God is one! Please Mama, am not an ordained pastor but my God shows me things despite my sins. if you check my post to your reply yesterday, this is exactly what the Lord showed me concerning you as i saw you weeping profusely for many of us as a Burden carrier! I know you have spirit of discernment & would understand my aforementioned post better. I never knew God was going to give you those same words to post Today. Remember Mama Joyce, you are feeling the brunt cause you are a burden carrier! I am also one & am facing a lot of persecution as you have rightly posted even without telling you but am unstoppable cause of CHRIST. Thanks a lot Ma’am. More Grace!

    • Adams at this point I will start with you to comment. Hope the others will bare with me on replies as I have a most precious grandchild here today!

      You are right on the mark and in large part, you are one of the ones I was burdened for! God and you knew!
      I did read all your posts but sometimes I cant answer back properly. What an honor for us to be intercessors in the Kingdom of God!
      We shall all meet in Heaven one day that belong to Jesus Christ. I don’t believe it will be very long now! God bless and keep you

      • God is so so faithful, merciful & mindful of me. Mama Joyce, you have seen well & spoken well! Its been a fierce battle, thick satnic gang up & very brutal prosecution from many & even some that I carry their burdens to the Lord. But God has not allowed them kill me but they have inflicted so much pains on me. I still see it as part of spiritual growth that I must endure by His Grace in order to be fit for HIS USE! My gaze is always on my Jesus who is my shield & my exceeding great reward. Mama Joyce, thank you once more for always standing in the gap for me most especially & other brethren on this platform. God is aware of your sacrifice of love & labor for me & all of us! You will definitely REAP your REWARD in Heaven in Jesus name!.

        • Continued prayers for you & others on here, Adams! I dont take this lightly.

          If ever I cant be on here for other obligations, rest assured I won’t forget to pray, by Gods grace!

          Your reward is great as you pay the cost to be a Christian! Our Lord sees it all.

          Also I am often reminded Jesus will wipe away every tear from our eyes one day!

          • Thank you so much my Dear Mama Joyce for your love to me. God will remember you for good. Am also interceding on your behalf & others as well. God is our Shield & exceeding great reward. Most appreciative Mama Joyce!

  2. What more can I say? So well released straight from the Father’s heart. I believe many “leaders” are being so physically attacked and the enemy is out to demobilize those who are hearing the call. As I read this word, I heard the Lord say to those who have shrunk back from taking the Lord and boldly gathering others in this crucial hour, “begin again on your knees until breakthrough comes and arise with new strength for the journey ahead..many are looking to you to give a shout to put boots on the ground”. THanks for sharing this needful burden, dear Joyce. I say Together we WIN! xoxo Sandi

    • Yes, Sandi! I completely understand about the attacks as you and others do also! It is so easy to pull back at times.
      Sometimes, though I know we have to retire to rest but then must jump back in the fight.
      YES together We do Win!! 2 Cor. 10:4 Our weapons are not carnal, etc… Im about to get started here, lol Love you sis

  3. Yes. mama Joyce…to lead by heart …
    to serve with the compassion and attentiveness of our Master…
    “Let His mindset become our motivation”…
    (see Philippians 2:1-8)
    no-one left behind…

  4. I see your heart in this, and believe it is also the heart of the Lord.  The scripture of Mark 6:34 comes to mind,
    “And Jesus, when He came out, saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion for them, because they were like sheep not having a shepherd. So He began to teach them many things.”
    Today too, very many of the leaders are managers not shepherds.

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