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  1. When I was in my last year of grade school in 2008, in a Lutheran school, teachers scared the students into believing Obama was the antichrist, and that if he won the vote, the world would end. It didn’t, so they changed and said that when he was inaugurated, the world would end. It didn’t end then, either. I remember students bidding each other farewell before we sat down to watch his inaguration in fear. I wept, and other students laughed, but nervously.

    I don’t know it’s anyone’s business to be telling a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds about the antichrist, especially when we just don’t know for sure. Like you said, even Daniel is veiled in mystery. I hope that this message gets out there and that this never happens to any other children ever again, because I want to prevent people from that fear.

  2. Yes, there are floods of ‘prophecys’ out there but very few contains knowledge or teaching because prophecy is to teach God’s way and give divine insight and in His Word which is hidden from the natural eye, true prophecy is not divination and not teaching about man’s ways and what humans does or don’t do.

    Antichrist is everyone who is not walking in perfect obedience to the Lord.

    “now antichrists have become many (and by this) we know that it is the last hour 1John 2:18

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