Learning when to hold your peace

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Some women don’t understand balance

The Spirit of The Lord just spoke to me concerning something with the women.  He said they know how to be a woman in the pulpit, but not a woman that’s a wife and mother in the home.

He said they don’t understand I’m concerning about my sons also.  They are being wounded by renegade women who can minister to the public, but can’t minister to the small audience called family that I have given them in their home.

He said that same anointing should draw you to the stove, refrigerator, kitchen table to help with homework, the vacuum cleaner, the washer and dryer and quality time with your husband and family.

The women don’t understand balance.  I hear a lot of women saying they want a husband but as I listen to them talk, I realized that all they want is someone to just be there to pay bills and give them on demand sex.

Ladies, before God will allow you to destroy His sons, He will leave you in your singleness.  Just like He is concern about you as a woman, He is just as concern about that man!

God is making sure his son’s are not fooled by the sparkle of the woman.  Just because a gem stone shines sparkles and glitters doesn’t make it authentic and valuable.  It takes a skilled trained watchful eye of a appraiser to recognized that the jewel is valuable or a cheap imitation! In this hour He is allowing His sons to be skilled appraiser they will be able to recognize the real from the fake!

Learning when to hold your peace

Holding your peace when you have all the right to act foolish is not only a sign of spiritual maturity, but it shows that you have learn how to govern your flesh and allow the Holy Spirit to rule you.

There are times when we have to walk in humility, so that we can defuse a situation that could cause a act of reproach in the Body of Christ.  Those of you called to ministry or are leaders in the Body of Christ, definitely should learn how to control your temper mouth and actions.

As a leader, I have to be able to maintain the character of Christ in all situations even when my flesh would be justified in telling somebody off or getting vengeance on someone because of what they had done.  I have to hold my peace and not release words that could stir up more strife and arguments.  I had to learn how to walk away from an, “I would be justified in knocking this person out,” situation.

I had to remember the lesson my Pastor taught me, that when the enemy uses people to come against us, remember it’s not a personal attack, but what satan is trying to do is discredit us, ruin our character and to give the enemy the ammunition they need to justify whatever they are saying about us by our reactions against them.  He said, never answer an angry person according to their folly and foolishness, and never let your enemies think they have any leverage in your life, by reacting to their outburst of hate.

Learning how to decrease, so that Christ in you can increase, will keep you in a secure place spiritually.

Walking in love requires you to walk in forgiveness at all times toward your enemies.  Forgiveness keeps your spirit from becoming contaminated with bitterness, anger, hatred and revenge.  It’s one of the hardest lesson to learn, to hold your peace and not react to a injustice that comes against you.

Keeping a mind and soul of peace, keeps you from getting an offended spirit.  A person of offense is miserable, spiteful, mistrustful and always a this wall up and ready to lash out at people at all times.  They are argumentative and confrontational.  They are miserable, and want everyone to share in their misery, so they are jealous toward anyone that seems happy and more blessed than them.

Being taught by a Man of God who walks heavy in deliverance, you are trained to see everything from a spiritual outlook.  This helps to understand that you are not being hurt, attacked or fought by a natural person, but you are being attack by a spirit that is operable in the person life, because they have not surrendered that issue to God so deliverance can happen.

Looking at it in this perspective, helps you to not lash back or to personally attack the natural person, but to war in the Spirit of God against the spirit being used to attack you through them.

People, truly walking in the Spirit does keep you from fulfilling the desires of your flesh that says if they attack me, I’m going to attack back.  Remember the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and you can’t fight demonic spirits with natural weapons.  Use your spiritual arsenal of weapons and above all else use your weapon of love and humility.

Stop reacting to the taunts and wanting to get attention demons or wanting to be important spirits.  I have found that most insecure, jealous and lacking in spiritual identity persons, are the ones always attacking those in the Kingdom of God that are being used to make a difference.

Trust me when I say that most attacks are launched just before God begins to take you into a large place of spiritual influence, that is able to draw many souls to Jesus Christ.

Delivered, Rejected and Returned to Sender!

Some persons are left outside the door that God ordained for them to walk in with you, because they couldn’t fully commit, couldn’t take the warfare that was connected to the door.  They saw you going through, and didn’t want to be associated with it.  They allowed someone to whisper in their ear, to pull them back out through the door.

They looked at the circumstances and felt like this wasn’t the person or the blessing they were looking for.

But now God has given you a breakthrough.  You have been elevated, promoted and brought to a financial overflow.  Your life has increase with greatness and favor and your ministry has gone to another dimension.

Now they are seeing what God has done, they are trying to use their key, which was their relationship with you, to open the door and come back into your life.  They are trying to get in, but they cannot open the lock with their key.

Can somebody open their mouth and tell the ones that left you, when they thought God had left you in your affliction, that they can throw that key away, because the lock have been changed!

Tell them, somebody else got the new key and are living where they were suppose to be at!  Some of you abandoned your relationships because of various reasons, and now you see what was promises to you, being bestowed upon somebody else.  And for all you who will say, “What God has for me, is for me.”  That’s not necessary so!  If the package was delivered and you rejected it and it was returned to sender, it’s put back in stock until someone else needs the item, then it’s sold again!

Don’t ever think God’s will won’t be done, just because you didn’t do it!!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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