Let Down your Walls!


There are many Christians who no longer attend church, but still have an unwavering devotion to God.

Drama, backbiting, gossip, slander, control, manipulation and misappropriation of funds are just a few of the reasons why these Christians have left the assembly of the saints.

I heard the LORD give a charge to every Christian to model their conversation to drive people back to the house of God and not further away from his presence.

There are many Christians who are assertive in their decision to never attend “church” again, but they’re open to fellowshipping with other Christians.  I heard God specifically say, “Let down your walls.”  The walls of tradition and religion, in order to view what “church” looks like.

I see the resurgence of house churches happening specifically in the United States.  If you feel that God has called you to start a ministry similar to a house church, consider this your confirmation.


God is calling the apostles to remodel the houses they have already built and planted.  Indeed, there is an expansion happening in the Kingdom of God, but God showed me many apostles that will placed in churches that are already established, to bring stability and a state of spiritual awareness.

Many apostles have fallen victim to the spirit of pride and refuse to heed to the direction of the Holy Spirit and serve in someone else’s church.  These apostles will not produce anything fruitful until they heed the call of the LORD.


The spirit of Jezebel has been moving against the prophet in this season more than ever. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you, (James 4:7).

Do not resort to hiding in your self-inflicted wilderness, but stand and declare the righteousness of God.  Jezebel will not receive your message, Ahab will not receive your message, Athaliah will not receive your message, but you must preach the message of God anyway.

All of the devil’s methods to control you will not able to contain the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you.  Nothing and no one will harm you as long as you stay in the will of the God.

Do not fear the accuser of the brethren, the devil is a deceiver and he is powerless against Elohim.  Furthermore, surround yourself with other prophets because you will find rest and safety there.


God is equipping you with new weapons as you go forth to witness to the nations.  I see witches and warlocks coming to God and in order to deliver them from that type of darkness, you will need these new weapons.

Do not fear spiritual opposition.  Angels will go before you as you win the lands for Yahweh.

Spiritual Warfare

I sense a shift occurring between now and Rosh Hashanah.

Now is the time to prayer intentionally and powerfully. Darkness is sweeping through this nation through the form of lies, deceit, control, sexual promiscuity, gender identity issues, and the agenda of secret societies/new world order.

There is an army of believers who have risen up and committed to a life of prayer and fasting.  Revival is breaking out throughout the United States.  The Azusa Now movement is just the beginning!

We must not be passive, the Kingdom of God will be established in the earth and to the increase of His government, there will be no end!


~  Dee Evans

Dee EvansDee Evans  is the founder of Dee Evans Ministries International and Koinonia Training and Consulting.  She currently mentors ministers and leaders throughout the U.S.A., Africa, and Pakistan.  With a passion for training prophets and leaders for the 21st century church. Her ministry emphasizes the importance of worship, prayer, intercession, and deliverance. Chesapeake, VA.
Email: contact@thedeeevans.com

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