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Let Your Spirit Fly Free — 4 Comments

  1. This also speaks to me of being caught up in the awe of the beautiful butterfly of revelation… rather than pinning it down and killing it off in a doctrinal box.
    This morning the Lord spoke to me
    AHH … Hallelujah!  His glory is returning and we may rise to meet with Him!  Blessed be our God! ️❤️️

  2. Yesterday I was interceding for some people who’ve been vessels used by Satan to release darkness upon the earth, (great darkness) but a flood of the Father’s Heart of Love and Compassion for them rose up within me and I knew that there is absolutely NOTHING impossible with our God.
    Suddenly I heard the Spirit speak, “You will make everything beautiful.” WOW!!
    We are being called to release the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth. He will stretch out His hand through us and paint His Creation in the Beautiful Colors of His Life and Love!!
    No eye has seen, no ear has heard, we cannot even begin to comprehend or imagine it, because all our lives there has been oppression…but get ready!!! Let’s brace ourselves for the impact!!! Heaven is now touching earth!!!!!!!!!!
    No more fear, no more shame, no more deception, no more offense, no more perversion, no more guilt, no more condemnation, no more depression, no more lack, no more doubt. This is not just visitation…this is INHABITATION!!!! He is coming to dwell IN and THROUGH His Bride!!! We are converging, infused by His Spirit!!! Our God of Completion is…WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! Exceedingly, Abundantly, Far Above and Far Beyond the realm of natural thinking!!!
    They Key to this Treasure is Humility…the Fear of the Lord!!!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Deborah!! :)

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