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Let’s Hate the Evil but Have the True Love of God — 6 Comments

    • Thank you Betty for coming by. I have played Joshua Aaron’s video several times and cried every time I did. You are absolutely right my friend and sister! There is no time for hatred. We just hate the evil, but not the person. I love you much. ❤️

  1. Hi there.Four months ago at work during night shift i stood behind a bus and all of a sudden the name JERUSALEM appeared behind the bus on the chevron board.

    • Ronnie, it seems the Lord was showing you His heart as to pray for the peace of Jerusaleum. Thank you for sharing that and God bless you.

  2. God bless you, Success. That is what is all about as you know, sister. The love in our hearts toward God will want souls won for the Kingdom of God! ❤️

  3. Amen! The intercessory ministry stands first on the foundation of Love. I receive more grace to intercede for, and to reach out to the lost and hurting souls. Thank you prophet.

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