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Liberty in the Midst of Calamity — 4 Comments

  1. We must be ready fully to master all demonic forces with all the book teachings MAKE US BE AWARE and armory tool of the YAHWEH tools with THE HOLY GHOST PRAYERS SCREEMING wording’s. AMÉN..!
    Happen to me and a team of 7 in the front bush fire line few weeks ago, as an example testimony, trying to unfocused our determined goal task to preserve life at all levels and individual created assets from ABOVE. AMÉN..! SELAH, as ♥♥♥HE HEAR US OUR CALLS & HIS HELP was provided♥♥♥.! AMÉN..!


    PS 47-51


    • Thank you kindly for your comments.  Please pray for me so I will continue on with Jesus’s mandates.  God bless you and much love as always!

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