Now the Lord is that spirit; and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Some of us have learned, that you will often never truly appreciate liberty, until you no longer have it.  If it’s okay, I have no desire whatsoever, in slipping into some kind of political flim-flam or trying to see how patriotic we can make some people think we are.  Please don’t talk about war, if you’ve never been in one.  If you’ve never been in jail, even for one night, you’ll have no true sympathy, for hearing a metal gate locked shut.

But I want to talk about the liberty we’ve lost, in the house of the Lord.

It seems, that there are those who think they’ve gotten away, with taking away the rights and liberties of the Saints of God.  In too many places, they have played the “decent and in order” card, to prevent the real operation of the power and demonstration of the Spirit.  It’s confinement; pure and simple.  It’s been said before, it’s neither decent, nor in order, to allow one of the ministries, to constrict and deny, the others.  It’s oppressive and even wicked, to claim that no one has liberty in God’s house, unless you give it.

Why don’t we take a moment to define this word.  We like to talk about it a lot, but we just wink at it and do not take the time to write it out.  It means: The condition of being free from oppressive restriction; the power of choosing, thinking, and acting for ones self, freedom from control; the condition of being free from confinement, servitude or forced labor.  It does appear, that if gifted and called folks of the Spirit, are not given true liberty to move as the Holy Ghost directs them, the Lord is not in what is going on there.  All of this man-made kind of censorship, is simply that; man-made.

I have often wondered, just what kind of church or congregation some of our people have developed, where those in the pews, know nothing.  In too many places, precious men and women of God, are basically expected to give part of their hard earned income, and then do what they are told.  I’m one that feels we should not talk about, things we really have no palpable knowledge of, or have never seen for ourselves.  I, and many others on here [Facebook] and out there, have seen the time, when there was more liberty in the Spirit; more encouragement and freedom, for the true Holy Ghost to move.

If anyone has ever had the real freedom to operate and to act in what the Holy Ghost has given you, you fully understand what it’s like, to lose it.

We use to make fun of those who spoke about being in bondage, to so many of our rules and regulations.  Like it or not, the apostles talked of making our people return to bondage; not having freedom and liberty to grow and to work for God; having other peoples beliefs and teaching, forced on them.

I actually hurt, when I think about what we are missing.  Thank God, that I was led to places, where I could demonstrate and operate what He had given to me; before the rules changed.  Dear God, moving in the Spirit, is the greatest thing anyone can experience.  Without it, we’re just, dead.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn


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